Cautious was an unexpected addition to our house.

Caroline works at the University of Pennsylvania, and Cautious belonged to one of the professors who lived in the campus dormw. Caroline had met Cautious while working on the professor's computer and though she was a nice kitty.

However, the professor got a job in another state (Yah!) and could be with her husband (Yah!), but could not take Cautious -- there was a dog that Cautious did not get along with (Boo!).

We were her "last chance" before the pound. And a 13-year-old declawed cat is not prime adoption material, her life would have been short and sad.

So, we took her in. She's a nice cat, but set in her ways. Part of which is that she would be happier as an only cat. She tolerates most of our other cats, but actively hates Ashes. As a result, we have to keep them separate, which can be quite difficult.

I actually have more pictures of Cautious, but don't know where they are right now. I'll try to get them up later.