Niven was found as a stray cat, outside our apartment building near Germantown Avenue by the Mount Airy / Chestnut Hill border of Philadelphia on Monday, September 18th 2000. The vet says he's about a year and a half old (maybe slightly older), and wasn't "fixed" -- heck, Niven didn't even think he was broken! :)

Very friendly, he was following everyone around meowing as if to say "Please help me."

My wife and I felt sorry for him and started feeding him. Then, it was raining and we fed him inside so he could be warm for a while.

Of course, he quickly became attached to us, and vice versa. So, we "adoped" him (or, as cat people might say, he adopted us).

We tried to find his family, but without any luck. I hope they know he's safe and loved.