Well, the house is bought, and we're moved in.

(Sort of... I have a feeling we'll have boxes to unpack for months)

I've got some pictures, so you can get a feel for the house.

It's a 3 story twin (we have the left half), with a "ground floor" basement consisting of a garage (currently, it's a den/office, but we're going to be converting it back into a garage), laundry, and other basement-type stuff.

Next comes the "1st floor" (or 2nd, depending on how you look at such things), with dining room at the top of the stairs, the kitchen to it's left, and living room across both at the front of the house.

The "2nd floor" (or 3rd...) has the bedrooms and the bathroom. There are two smaller bedrooms in back which will become the computer room and the library. The front bedroom is the main bedroom, and has been given carpeting (the rest of the house has hardwood floors) and a tile ceiling by the current owner.

The yard is very small, and most of it is taken up by a cement patio. It also extends around the side of the house, where it is grass. We're planning on putting up a fence so Niven can have a "cat run".

The furniture isn't ours, the current owner hasn't quite moved out yet. These pictures were taken during the pre-sale home inspection.

Unfortunately, the pictures aren't in any particular order. :(

There are few pictures of Niven in the house over in the picture gallery. This page will be updated more later.

P.S. The woman in the picture is the seller's real estate agent.