I've collected here the links from the various pages on this website, and a few more just for general information.

The Ultimate Guide: House Cats at the Discovery Channel

Larry Niven, the Science Fiction author, and his creations

Known Space

the Ringworld

Pierson's Puppeteers

the Kzin

Robert Heinlein, the Science Fiction author

T.S. Elliot's poem, The Song of the Jellicles

Jonny Cat

Some links on Tuxedo Cats

Mimi and Molly at twotuxcats.com

   You can find Niven in the Tuxedo Cat Gallery
   at twotuxcats.com, in gallery 10.

Tuxedo Cat Ring

Oreo's Tuxedo Cat Site

Hank the stupid cat

Boots the cute black and white tuxedo kitty

The secret cabal

Niven's Friends

Kodi and Schnapps

And many thanks to the Google search engine. Give it a try!