I decided that Niven would like a "kitty condo", so Caroline and I trundled off to the local PetsMart to buy him one.

Of course, we had to get him a big, deluxe one.

When we brought it to the checkout, the cashier looked at it and said "Wow, you must have a lots of cats!", and Caroline replied "No, just one very spoiled one."

Of course, we then had the problem of getting it home. I have a Dodge Neon, and though that with the fold-down rear seats for trunk access and fold down front seat, it would fit.


Nor could I fit in the back seat, even with the windows open -- it was just too awkwardly shaped.

So, Caroline asked "Isn't there a Lowes in this shopping complex?" (it's a chain of home do-it-yourself superstores) "Yes" "So, why don't you go rent a truck?"

So, 10 minutes and $20 later I had a truck rented, and we put it in and tied it with some leftover rope. We left my car at the PetsMart, and drove the kitty condo home.

Haul it upstairs (a 2nd floor apartment), and bring it in.

Niven comes in to greet us, and looks at this thing.

Absolutely no interest. Caroline picks him up, and puts him on it. He stays for a second or two, then jumps off and walks away.

No, I'm not going to strangle him. Right now, I have to get the truck back.

When we get back home, we put it in the corner of the living room, and use a little catnip. Niven quickly decided that he likes his plaything, and often sleeps in it.

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